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  • sobers
    05-01 07:44 PM
    While IV is already on the major Restrictionists (NumbersUSA, FAIR, CIS.org etc) Radar, it is now being followed by smaller, single issue restrictionist organizations like the Anti-h1b Zazona. Ever wonder why Mr. Sanchez of Zazona targets only Legal Immigrants - people who've always followed the rules laid down by their US lawmakers- like us, instead of illegals??

    Perhaps Mr. Sanchez can answer that one next time he visits this website..:)



    Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2006 3:12 PM

    Subject: H-1Bs go to K Street

    by Rob Sanchez
    April 26, 2006 No. 1466

    A new organization of called Immigration Voice (IV) has been formed to
    lobby the U.S. government. Most of the members are foreign nationals on
    H-1B visas. They want the U.S. government to issue more green cards so that
    H-1Bs can gain permanent residency. Immigration Voice seems to be a single
    issue advocacy group because they don't mention H-1B, however, they are
    supporting the Specter bill in the Senate that has a massive increase in
    Green Card visas as well as H-1B and a new visa called F-4.

    H-1B is a temporary visa that can last for up to six years, but due to a
    new 7th Year Extension rule visas can be renewed indefinitely until the
    visa holder obtains a green card. As long as the green card application is
    in the cue the H-1B can stay. There are limits to the number of green cards
    issued per year, and that is what IV wants to change. As Dr. Philip Martin
    from UCDavis wrote, "There Is Nothing More Permanent Than Temporary Foreign
    Workers." To read Martin's classic paper go to:

    The stated goal from their website:

    Our big initiative currently is towards addressing delays
    and other flaws in the employment based green card process.

    Immigration Voice formed very quickly and they are showing that they are
    very serious about lobbying the U.S. government. They hired a professional
    lobbying firm to represent them called Quinn Gillespie & Associates LLC. IV
    also is talking with the infamous lobbyist Rick Swartz. Norman Matloff
    described Swartz as a "pro-immigration lobbying kingpin who has represented
    both industry firms such as Microsoft and also the ISN". Mark Krikorian at
    CIS is usually low key, but not when he wrote about Rick Swartz:

    And then there's the National Immigration Forum, the umbrella
    organization for high-immigration political advocacy, which
    works closely with sympathetic Republicans. But NIF is not like
    the conventional lobbying coalitions that exist on numerous
    issues. It was cofounded by the National Lawyers Guild in the
    1980s, back when the Guild was a Soviet front group. The group's
    first head was Rick Swartz, a leftist attorney who cut his teeth
    advocating for Haitian illegal aliens and who, during a 1981
    Senate hearing, likened the United States to Nazi Germany.

    Most of the Immigration Voice activities seem to center around fund raising
    to pay for their lobbying efforts. They aren't talking about chump change
    either. Here are their contributions so far, which must be reported since
    they are applying for 501-C(4) status.


    Total Contribution $90,640.10
    Target $200,000
    Percentage of Target Met 45.3%

    When I started reading the Washington Post article below the first question
    that came to my mind was the legality of H-1Bs and other foreign nationals
    to actively lobby our government. The DOJ answers that very definitively:

    Foreign Agents Registration Act

    Q. Does the Act limit an agent's lobbying and publishing
    informational materials (propaganda) for a Foreign

    A. No, the Act requires only registration.

    The article below is written by Mitra Kalita. She was born in the U.S. by
    parents who immigrated to the U.S. from India. Her bio can be read here:

    Kalita does a good job of reporting what Immigration Voice is all about but
    the article is not objective, and therefore should be considered lousy
    journalism. It's a rather long article with quotes from many advocates for
    increasing immigration but not one sentence from somebody that disagrees
    with the IV agenda. This statement about IV's quest for more green cards
    for H-1B visa holders goes totally unchallenged:

    "This is a sympathetic story," said Nick Maduros, a lobbyist
    for Quinn Gillespie. "For this group, their issues are very
    technical and are frankly not that controversial, but they
    have been overshadowed ."

    >>>>> THE BIG QUESTION <<<<<

    Immigration Voice raises many questions but one stands up in my mind as the
    most important:


    There have been many attempts at forming organizations but all of them are
    struggling. In all their years of existence they haven't been able to raise
    even a fraction of the money IV has raised in just four months. ZaZona.com
    as well as many others are operating on such small shoestring budgets we
    are continually struggling just to survive.

    Why do citizens of the United States lack the passion we are seeing from
    foreign nationals that are here both legally and illegally?

    One thing for sure, we shouldn't waste time griping about Immigration Voice
    because they are playing the political game according to our own rules. If
    we lose this one, who's fault is it?

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  • cjagtap
    07-20 04:12 PM
    my application reached on 2 nd july at 10:23 am at TSC.no check cashed yet

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  • ivslave
    09-11 10:02 PM
    you really need to improve your spelling ..or you need a new keyboard before a house ..(see dictionary for surprized and peding)

    get me some water now............. I know you are EB2 and all.....please leave me and my poll alone.....

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  • BMWX5
    03-18 07:54 PM
    Did you or someone you know experience such questions at POE for an advanced parole? Or are you just posing a hypothetical?

    I have recently re-entered on AP and not a single question was asked. Not only that, I was not fingerprinted or photographed at the counter like a visa holder would be. I was taken to the back office where an agent entered information from my AP into the computer, stamped the AP and gave it back to me. No questions asked. Period. This was at the JFK airport in NY.

    Parole is meant to grant entry to resume adjustment of status. Parole is not subject to employment, it is subject to a pending I-485.

    If this is a hypothetical from you, then please shake these imaginations and live in peace and enjoy EAD and AP.

    Too much thinking and too much analysis has caused this community to revert back to H1 lifestyle and they are not using EAD and AP - ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS why we were all so happy due to 485 filing.

    What is the point of having an early 485 filed, if you are not going to use EAD and AP and be at mercy of consulates for restamping and be at mercy of employers who will need to sponsor you to hire you?

    Your message and signature says that you are still waiting for GC.
    I was told that you got ur GC and left IV as orphan.
    For some reason, I believed that and I'm kind of lost hope on the community.
    This is not only my believe and whoever I knew they have the same feeling.
    Hmm, something wrong, somehow we are trapped.


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  • BharatPremi
    11-08 04:45 PM
    To Red Dot Hammerers,

    Do not work over time giving me red dots again...

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  • shukkoor007
    10-12 07:06 AM
    I am new in this forum. I never saw like this forum before. First-up all I want to congrats all members in this forum, who providing positive and very fast responds.


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  • hebron
    06-30 02:23 PM
    I am not sure about this but one thng can certainly happen with Admin Fix.
    Porting of applicant who have stayed long enough in (EB3 to EB2). EB3 15 years experience and still counting and stuck and uncertain porting rules and AC21 doesn't make sense at all.
    AC21 rules or some other fix giving relief to people stuck in GC unnecessarily.
    USCIs can make these fixes but they dont want to do it. Its simple

    That would have been a blessing for EB3 India and China, if it EB3 + n years of experience could be ported to EB2.

    But if visa capture (which is not braking any laws or rules but is simply making sure visa do not go unused) requires a legislative fix, I would assume your suggestion (porting EB3 to EB2) would be even more difficult to achieve with an Admin fix.

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  • terriblething
    06-12 12:28 PM
    Should be unanimous for guilty found??? Not by majority?
    Then that's good news for us.

    You knew my attorney tried me with DA question mode. I can only say it is very challenge. He will only ask Yes/No question, and interrupt you immediately if you try to explain something. I believe any man would be emotional in that scenario especially you really feel innocent.

    Just an example, I have not said "push my wife to chair ", but in my statement, DA might ask "Does Police lie for his statement" I'd like to say "it is language misunderstanding". But DA would insist on Yes/No question and interrupt while you just open the mouth.

    We will rehearsal more before go jury.


    I am sure the jury will say that you are not guilty if your wife supports your side of the story. Remember, the verdict should be unanimous. So go for jury trial and request a court interpreter to make sure there is no language barrier.


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  • chi_shark
    09-26 12:07 PM

    i say great post! i actually was very happy in aug/sep this year and counted chicken much earlier than the eggs hatched... my eggs have not hatched... anyway, i set up an s-corp and got going... i did on my own name and with just me in it... the purpose of my s-corp was to do some non-IT work i.e. not consulting... though my day job is IT. my immigration lawyer warned me against being self employed for the GC sponsoring job... basically, if the USCIS ever becomes interested in your small business, they can ask any questions... including whether there is enough work to justify a full time employment and the burden of proof will be upon you... so if you plan to use AC21 to switch to your own company, i'd say think about it a little hard...

    as for legal formalities with the state... that was a breeze... i incorporated with the state of illinois... filled out the form (2 pages). put it in the envelope with the check and sent it out... there are some other formalities too... i read the book "inc yourself" which had a bunch of easy instructions and things to watch out for... that was one amongst many books i read... did not consult any lawyer other than my immi lawyer... i use quickbooks for record keeping and have a free business checking account with national city... (i am in the midwest)... dont have cpa or lawyer yet... primarily, i want to learn the law and accounting myself before i outsource to lawyers/cpas...

    all the best, let me know if i can help.. i would enjoy it...


    Back in those exciting/nail biting days of July 2007 ( I think all, who filed their 485, would remember that month throughout life) . There were couple of thread that got started to collect information on how to be our own BOSS and STOP being a slave of your Employer.

    I think it would be a good idea to start a thread (pls forgive me if you think its not such a good idea after all to stat a new thred) and collect some fresh/new/interesting information from people who did try to live thier dream of be their own BOSS. I think it will help other people as well to start thinking about the important steps in the life given the fact the GC is still little too far.

    Please post any information that is relevent to the topic of starting your own company while the 485 is still pending.

    Start the company on Primary's Name?
    Start the company on Spouse name?
    W-2 with the Vendor?
    Independent Consulting?

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  • thankgod
    06-03 01:27 PM
    May I add, these posts are very much relevant here as these kids are immigrants and their kids. They might become an entrepreneur or scientist in the future and it shows the value of the skilled immigrants.

    We need to come out of our EB2/EB3 narrow mind and how it's going to help me today.

    How come you applied 140 with out a priority date. :)

    I am not seeing your priority date in your profile.


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  • EkAurAaya
    11-08 02:44 PM
    msgs like this help establish the notion that this is an indian website dedicated to indian immigration issues. I didnt see any post wishing happy Eid/ Eid Mubarak nor did I notice last year that anyone wished a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays, nor do we wish our Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year.

    Dont worry about people who think this is an "Indian website" - even if you scream your lungs out they wont understand ;)

    Besides your GC process wont stop if you wish Happy Diwali :D

    Cheer up!

    Happy Diwali to everyone!!!

    May God bless you and your family always!
    (irrespective of your nationality ;) )

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  • superdoc
    09-19 04:44 PM
    Not entirely true, I switched job a couple of months ago - filed for AC21. I got an acknowledgment from USCIS for the same - stating that it will be added to my file, to be reviewed when my application is processed.
    did u transfer h1 thoough ?


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    06-23 05:37 PM
    And always send via USPS express mail. (1 day costed me $18) but I came to know instantly the next day that they received it.
    You could also use some cheaper USPS option. as long as it has some delivery confirmation.
    The reason I like express mail one day, is because u can request a copy of the receiver's signature via email (comes in a PDF). This is proof that USCIS really got it and u can then sleep nicely for the next 3 months.
    Ha Ha.

    I alos filed EAD renewal and Receipt came very fast. within 7 days. However when I enter case# on USCIS website, It says Case not Found
    Do I need to worry about it ? Or Need to wait for couple of weeks?
    Please advice.

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  • vine93
    07-15 02:21 AM
    When I start shopping for Life insurance. I asked for written from insurance .
    1. If I moved permanently to India , will it be applicable there too. Yes
    2. H1 candidate eligible. Yes

    only NYlife given me in written. rest of them didn't give in written. metlife I didn't try.

    I have 20 yr term disability and termlife insurance also.They added $52 for disability.

    few of them told me yes verbally but hesitate to give in written.


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  • ArunAntonio
    07-09 02:57 PM
    The core IV objective is "The mission of Immigration Voice is to organize grassroots efforts and resources to solve several problems in the employment based green card process including (a) delays due to Retrogression (visa number unavailability for certain employment-based categories) (b) delays due to USCIS processing backlogs and (c) delays due to Labor Certification backlogs. "

    and that is exactly what this effort is about. It is a different and fresh approach. This is a grassroots effort which aims at educating and making people aware of our problems. what is it that you dont agree with this approach?

    I agree. There is no point in this. I am really afrid that we are moving away from core abjective of IV. why we are getting inthis fiasco, there is no value in this

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  • terriblething
    06-12 10:13 AM
    tell me this is a joke..:D... if not..man join the que .life sucks in the GC lane

    It is not joke, that's my unbelievable terrible start since this March. When we look back, still think it like a nightmare. And one neigbour told cop she heard my wife shout "Help me, he is gonna kill me." But you knew we even don't speak English at home. Where that ridiculous words from? BTW, when cops come, they firstly mis-arrest my another neigbour, as they also have some argue. Probably that is where it from.... But now that everything we have to explain on the court and convince the jury. Fortunately my wife always stand on my side.

    Anyone could tell me what impact to my 485 approval if damn jury find guilty in my case? Thanks a lot!!!!!!


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  • deba
    06-26 07:11 PM
    AP approved in 14 days from TSC.

    6/4 - mailed
    6/6 - received by TSC
    6/9 - checks cashed
    6/13 - receipt in mail
    6/23 - email and case status online notice of approval
    6/25 - AP received in mail (2 copies, multiple entry, valid from the date expiry of current AP plus 1 yr)

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  • deepikak
    06-03 01:21 PM

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  • dhirajs98
    06-28 04:30 PM
    As per online status "Your response received on June 15th and processing resumed". If it's pending for couple more days, As per the rule i should get my $1000 back. Will my I-140 then thrown back in the normal (non-PP) queue?

    How long USCIS tool to update the status online to show your RFE response has been received? I sent the response for RFE on June 7th and there is update about the case at all. No online status update either. God knows what they are doing with it. They are suppose to complete the case in 15 qorking days after they receive it.

    01-13 02:43 PM
    these movements are not really worth anything.. it has to overcome that resistance

    Dude, these are not stocks where resistance and support play parts, it is USCIS/DoS. All they offer: resistance from with-in with no support to its customers. I am surprised you are still trying to find a pattern/curve. At best, it can be represented by a squiggly line my nephew draws..

    03-22 11:17 PM
    As per 2006 and 2007 CIR, only illegal immigrants get green card easy. Legals like us - it will become even more difficult. read the text of previous CIRs and new CIR will not be different. Below is the text, it clearly excludes legals from legalization. Hope I would have been daring enough to be illegal. Definately, illegals are the vote banks and they get all the attention.


    `(a) Adjustment of Status-

    `(1) PRINCIPAL ALIENS- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, including section 244(h) of this Act, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall adjust to the status of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence, an alien who satisfies the following requirements:

    `(A) APPLICATION- The alien shall file an application establishing eligibility for adjustment of status and pay the fine required under subsection (m) and any additional amounts owed under that subsection.


    `(i) IN GENERAL- The alien shall establish that the alien--

    `(I) was physically present in the United States on or before the date that is 5 years before April 5, 2006;

    `(II) was not legally present in the United States on April 5, 2006, under any classification set forth in section 101(a)(15); and

    `(III) did not depart from the United States during the 5-year period ending on April 5, 2006, except for brief, casual, and innocent departures.

    `(ii) LEGALLY PRESENT- For purposes of this subparagraph, an alien who has violated any conditions of his or her visa shall be considered not to be legally present in the United States.

    ..................legals dont earn legalization. In other parts of bill, legal immigrants have to go thru even more rigrous LC processes but illegals have to do nothing. So, all those excited about Obama and CIR, cool down.

    relax, no CIR will ever pass in the next few years

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