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images Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby, johnny depp cry baby pictures. I don#39;t like Johnny Depp.
  • I don#39;t like Johnny Depp.

  • GC08
    05-21 07:29 PM
    We are chasing behind so many stuffs at this important time. We should forget about the merits or demerits of point system. It can be good or bad. We should forget about how Z visa holders get more benefit than us. It is something not in our control and big politics behind everything in the bill. Therefore, we should not concentrate on this as it is not our objective. We should focus only to eliminate retro in EB ASAP. We should try to bring a simple amendment to the bill, so that retrogression in current EB ends ASAP.

    A simple thing to do is do not change drastically current form of bill. Don�t waste time on analyzing or chasing behind merits and demerits in H,Y,Z visas or all other positive or negative stuffs in this bill.

    We should have only one focus. Eliminate EB retro first. For that a simple amendment will be, 242K visa is open to both old EB and newly created merit system. That�s all. This amendment will eliminate the retro immediately. All other discussions and efforts are waste of time and energy

    Yes. :)

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  • cry baby

  • sc09876
    08-17 03:17 PM
    My I-140 got denied based on my Education.

    I have 3 yrs + PG Diploma which is equivalent to US Degree according to my education evaluation.

    - 6 yrs of OUTSIDE USA experience
    - 5 yrs of USA experience including 2 yrs of experience with current company.
    - I am working as FULL time with an American Company at present

    The JOB Description for PERM was:

    "Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science plus 5 years experience; 3 year Bachelor’s degree plus 2 year post-graduate diploma in Software Engineering and 5 years

    You dont say your category. I am assuming this is EB2 for which such denials are common place these days. Pls update your profile.
    Long story short, it is on the education evaluation mapping to the requirements of the PERM position. Bachelors Degree in computer science means a 4 Year under graduate degree in US in the field of computer sciences or its foreign equivalent. USCIS does not equate 3+2 > 4. It may work for H1 petition but definitely not filing a 140 in a EB2 category

    That you dont specify what kind of 3 year degree you got is another matter.

    You need to consult a good attorney for options assuming that it is your attorney who got you into the trouble in first place by not making sure what is advertised for is what you got.

    go to Murthy or Shusterman or Ron. I dont hold brief for any one, but all of these are experienced enough to have handled similar cases. Dont rely on people's suggestions here. I dont mean to demean people who offer suggestions in good faith, but what worked for some one may not work for you.

    johnny depp cry baby pictures. Johnny Depp in Edward
  • Johnny Depp in Edward

  • skd
    10-02 02:38 PM
    nothing will change.

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  • Cry-Baby screencaps

  • FinalGC
    09-22 10:22 AM

    Go and find another job in the another company......


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  • johnny depp cry baby wallpaper. cry baby johnny depp wallpaper. Cry+aby+

  • gcseeker2002
    07-23 08:57 AM
    He is the one who says" Oops! I made a mistake" look at his screen name.. do you expect him to be right at all? :)
    bush --> also voted yes .... please provide details

    johnny depp cry baby pictures. Johnny Depp-CryBaby by
  • Johnny Depp-CryBaby by

  • kiran24
    06-25 11:52 PM
    I went to the doctor today and got my medical report. I posted the docs to my attorney too !!:)
    Everything was fine.
    Go to desi doctor for medical exams.


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  • Johnny Depp, Cry Baby Movie

  • pappu
    05-28 10:56 AM
    old news. Already posted in the past.

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  • Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby,

  • eldrick
    07-31 05:19 PM
    They also didn't ask me to sign form G28. Is this ok? Does this mean that receipt number will be mailed to me directly?


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  • cry baby johnny depp

  • glus
    01-24 01:29 PM
    I just checked with my Lawyer. I am a July 2 receipt guy and my 180 days got over. Currently my wife moved from her H1B(not stamped yet, she moved from H4 to H1) to EAD and I am still on H1B.

    My lawyer says if I am on H1B and she is on EAD it will create issues when our EAD goes for renewal. She claims I also should change my status now to EAD. I thought staying on H1B was safe and now I get this response. I told her so many people I know have done the same thing and she is asking if I will jump into the well like others:))).

    Please advise

    It is generally advisable to remain in H1 as long as possible. Your attorney does not seem to be providing right info. No, there can't be any issues when you renew EAD. EAD have no dependence on H1 status.

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  • Johnny Depp Cry-Baby Pin-Up

  • NKR
    07-18 12:18 PM
    $320 an hr!

    His 'RFE response' charges were $450!

    go figure...
    lotsa people are making money out of the s*ituation we are in!

    Except us...


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  • johnny depp cry baby

  • Sandeep
    02-01 05:19 PM
    Enabling The World's Most Talented Individuals To Put Their Skills To Work For America Will Increase Our Productivity, Improve Our International Competitiveness, And Create Many High-Paying Jobs For Americans. The President supports (http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2006/01/20060131-5.html) attracting and retaining the best and the brightest high-skilled workers from around the world by reforming the Nation's immigration system, while maintaining national security priorities. The President's comprehensive plan for immigration reform meets the needs of a growing economy, allows workers to provide for their families while respecting the law, and enhances homeland security by relieving pressure on the borders

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  • Carlos Rojas - Johnny Depp Cry

  • funny
    08-13 03:46 PM

    Do you know if USCIS is still waiting for NC to be cleared before approving the 485 application? Are they following the memo ( >180 days doen't matter) or not?



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  • Young Johnny Depp Cry Baby

  • serega
    04-21 11:10 AM
    I'm in the process of convincing my FinAid rep that I am eligible with only EAD/I-485 pending/A# (no I-94 w/parolee stamp). It worked for a secondary verification for my mortgage guaranteed by USDA (Agriculture Dept.). They use the same USCIS SAVE system for verification. The truth is no one knows how to do this. My FinAid rep admitted to never having to do this. What happens when they institute a secondary check thru SAVE is it only says EAD valid, so all it does is verify your status, but does not actually notify the agency that you are eligible for any benefits - it says so in the system rules/regs. But USDA thought that was the green light to approve me for benefits, so now I'm eligible for no down payment/low-interest mortgage. I'm trying to pull the same stunt with college. They said they will consult Dept. of Ed, so that may not work. But you need to sound convincing and not fall for their ignorant BS, until they have it clearly figured out and ask you for an I-94 w/parolee stamp valid for more that a year. Truth is, none of us will ever get a stamp valid for more that a year, since AP is given in 1 year increments. But FinAid reps almost always fall for near-1-year validity of the stamp and cave to your pressure. So keep working at it until you get what you want. That'/s what I intend to do. Once you are approved w/documentation for first year, you never have to go thru the exercise again with that school, since the school ultimately decides whether you are qualified. Good luck, and I'll post my progress.

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  • Cry Baby DVD

  • ita
    11-13 10:26 AM
    I spoke with A CSR at NSC and she said she could n't confirm if the address has been updated or not since it is private information and she doesn't have access to it.

    I asked her about my EAD card.
    She took my reciept# ,checked the status and asked me to give the new address and said she sent request for the card to be resent.
    Is this how they do it ?

    So do I need to talk to IIO to see of my address is updated or not?

    Thank you.


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  • Johnny Depp makes his debut

  • BharatPremi
    11-30 06:05 PM

    If one IV member moves from State A to B, what would be the process of transferring membership to state chapter?

    Will it merely be a deleting datbase record from one state and adding it to another state? Or would it be again filling up survey to new state chapter..?


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  • Cry-Baby screencap

  • GCInThisLife
    07-18 05:23 PM
    Well.. we cannot reduce pdf size much by zipping as it is already compressed..
    I tried zipping.. but when zipped, it says max size exceeded 97KB.. if I just tried upload the pdf it says uploaded failed.. anyways..

    Try zipping it. :D


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  • Cry-Baby cry Johnny Depp

  • mundada
    07-17 12:50 PM
    Another case pointing that in the USA only lawsuits work to achieve short term results while lobby works to achieve long term solutions.

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  • Wallpaper - Johnny Depp - page

  • bugmenot
    12-05 02:48 PM
    i think neither will increase, the economy is belly up

    though i feel lots of h1bs will go unused coz of lack of jobs to fill em up

    2010 is when maybe this might happen

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  • johnny depp cry baby pictures. young johnny depp cry baby

  • JazzByTheBay
    08-01 08:36 PM
    It would probably be OK... but as you've rightly guessed, and given the fact that USCIS hasn't really outlined any plans to demonstrate how the extra money will be spent and whether it will guarantee better and faster service measured by a dramatic reduction in processing times, this money is probably going towards enforcement.

    It's probably DHS getting the money (not USCIS directly - the checks I wrote were for DHS, iirc).


    I guess people are willing to shell out few extra hundreds as long as it expedites the process. Anyway thousands are being spent on attorney's instead if all this money goes to USCIS, atelast things gets done faster. Ofcourse the string attached to this is that the money should be spent for improving process rather than fattening the pockets of few. I am also told that most of the fee money goes towards the Border security ( May be taking money from legal applicants to curb illegals)

    06-12 07:18 PM
    I actually sent evl instead of paystubs. I cant produce paystubs because I am not currently working with them

    What is "evl"?

    Anyway, it appears you just filed for your I-485 using "evl" or whatever it is that is causing you grief. Well, one "adventurous" option would be that if you just filed for I-485 and your PD is current and your old employer is not revoking the I-140, why don't you ask the new employer to apply for your LC and I-140 and then port the PD from the old employer?

    Don't withdraw your existing I-485 until your new LC and I-140 come through. If the PD is current, then withdraw the old I-485 and apply for a new I-485. If the PD is not current, then do nothing and hope you don't get a RFE on the existing I-485.


    03-25 08:55 PM
    Hi there,

    I had a quick question on the best/quickest way to mail Advance Parole paper filing application to USCIS:

    I would like to get some sort of tracking but the address I had was a PO Box in Nebraska.

    I am guessing I would need to use USPS to mail the package - what kind of mailing do I need to do so that it reaches quickly and I get tracking that it got delivered to USCIS.

    My concern was that whether sign on receipt option would work or not given that this is a PO Box address.

    I would really appreciate your input on this. Thanks!

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